Find a NZ Registered Music Therapist

The following members of Music Therapy New Zealand who are also Full or Provisional Registered Music Therapists with the NZ Music Therapy Registration Board and hold a current annual practising certificate.  A list of all Registered Music Therapists who hold a current annual practising certificate can be found here.

Ajay Castelino

I seek to enable emotional expression through music as a way of helping others.

Alison (Ali) Talmage

I am an Auckland music therapist, experienced with people with diverse needs across the lifespan. My current PhD research focuses on singing groups for adults…

Anna Sedcole

Music connects, energises, soothes, heals, and helps us process, among other things.

Claire Molyneux

Located in England, available for Research, Supervision and Training

Daphne Rickson

I love how positive things can happen when people and music come together.

Emily Hunt

The real power of music lies in the connections that it can forge between people

Fiona Hearn

I appreciate helping children and adults reach their full potential through music.

Helen Dowthwaite

Music has a powerful ability to connect us all and help us to find our voice.

Helen Ridley

It is my privilege to partner with individuals and families in using the special qualities and power of music to support healing and wellbeing.

Jenny Gordon

I am particularly interested in resourcing people into their own well-being (living the best life they can, given who they are), therefore living and aging…

Jingyuan (Cici) Kong

I feel grateful to choose to be a Music Therapist because my desire to help people who have complex needs could be realised through my…

Kathryn Stevenson

I enjoy seeing positive results as music ‘touches’ others and assists them to grow.

Katie Pureti

My passion is building healthy community through music. I love dancing, singing, and making music with people of all ages, from little ones and adolescents…

Keryn Squires

Specialising in palliative care, grief and loss; located in Wellington.

Libby Johns

I enjoy participating in the musical journeys of others and helping them develop.
Elizabeth Bolwell, smiling, holding a djembe drum

Liz Bolwell

I love to see an enhancement in the quality of life for those receiving Music Therapy, and their families.

May Clulee

I enjoy working with people to discover their full potential through musical experiences.

Megan Glass

I am privileged to work with many people, using music, which I am passionate about.

Neil Jourdan

I feel blessed to be able to do this work on a daily basis.

Olly Lowery

I love connecting with people through music and supporting them.

Penny Warren

I have worked with people from across the lifespan and with many needs.

Rachel Austin

It is a privilege to support people’s growth and wellbeing through Music Therapy.

Rachel Foxell

I love helping people of all ages and abilities to enrich their lives and engage in community through creating music together.

Rani Allan

Research has shown that music has the ability to connect us physically, emotionally and spiritually; expressing that which cannot be put into words and that…

Shari Storie

I love experiencing sparks of connection and witnessing significant progress.

Sophie Sabri

My passion is to make music accessible to anyone and to use it for self-expression, life skills improvements and personal development.

Yvonne MacSweeny

With 16 years experience working with children and adolescents in mental health and disabilities, I have seen how music therapy can facilitate change, bring joy…

Other Members


Marietta (Retts) Van Dam (Helensville)


Nolan Hodgson (Te Awamutu)

Shona How (Taupiri)

South Island

Lauren Payne (Invercargill)