Journal 2018


Maybelle Swaney
Clinical Improvisation in Group Music Therapy with Adults with Severe Brain Injury:
A Space Where Everything Can Happen, or Nothing Can Happen

Audio file: Swaney 2018 Tired of being.mp3

Maharani Allan
Community Music Therapy to Support the Relationship between Family Carers and People Living with Dementia: A Pilot Project 

Joan Webster & Daphne Rickson
Selecting the Best Music for Patient Listening while Unwell: A Music Therapist’s Personal Experience

Inaugural Morva Croxson Prize (2017)

Nolan Hodgson
He oro waiora: Music therapy and Well-being in Adolescent Mental Health

Oliver E. L. Lowery
Case Study: Individual Music Therapy with an Elderly Man in a Residential Care Setting

Student Article

Emma Johnson & Daphne Rickson
Songwriting with Adolescents who have Mental Health Difficulties: One Music Therapy Student’s Experience                                                                                                

Book Reviews

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Oliver E. L. Lowery
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Victoria Gac
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Alison Talmage
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