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Alison Talmage & May Bee Choo Clulee 吳美珠

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Aphasia Choirs Go Global: Individual and Collaborative Journeys Towards an Interprofessional Online Community of Practice
Alison Talmage, Ellen Bernstein-Ellis, & Bronwen Jones

Abstract: Aphasia Choirs Go Global is an international, Facebook group for directors and facilitators of choirs for stroke survivors with aphasia (loss of language after stroke or brain trauma) and others with neurogenic communication difficulties.  Efforts to contact aphasia choirs throughout the world, through online searches and a digital survey, have led to closer international connections and the development of an international, interprofessional community of practice. Our network has seen an increase in online activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Zoom meet-ups, presentations, and choir to choir connections. This article outlines the three authors’ individual professional journeys as choir leaders in Aotearoa New Zealand, California, and Australia, together with reflections on the purpose, development, and activities of our international network.
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