Journal 2016


Music Therapy New Zealand, Auckland & Northland Regional Group 2016
Let’s celebrate music therapy

Heather Fletcher
Invited essay: A brief history of music therapy governance and administration in New Zealand (1974 to 2016)

Claire Molyneux, Alison Talmage & Helen McGann
A Music Therapy New Zealand report on music therapy provision in New Zealand

Penny Warren & Daphne Rickson
What factors shape a music therapist? An investigation of music therapists’ professional identity over time in New Zealand

Shari Storie (née Ludlam) & Sarah Hoskyns
A music therapist’s speech and expressive language specific tool set

Jennifer Ryckaert & Fiona Kenworthy
Tune In: Creating confident communicators through music therapy and speech-language therapy collaboration

Natasha Thompson, Shari Storie (née Ludlam), & Suzanne Purdy
“Catching the Tune or Channelling the Beat”: A pilot study investigating the role of rhythm in therapeutic singing for aphasia

Vicki A. Jones
A review of the research literature for the use of music and music therapy in the setting of dementia and how this informs an approach to service delivery by Music Moves Me Trust

Book & Resource Reviews

Ruth James
The music therapy handbook

Coco Kho
International perspectives in music therapy education and training: Adapting to a changing world

Carolyn Ayson
Assessment and outcomes in the arts therapies: A person-centred approach

Kathryn Stevenson
Arts therapists in multidisciplinary settings: Working together for better outcomes

Marie Willis
Joan’s songs

Victoria Churchill
Music therapy songs for special kids

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