Why choose a NZRMTh

NZ Registered Music Therapists:

  • Have completed an accredited Masters of Music Therapy course (or overseas equivalent)
  • Are registered with the Music Therapy New Zealand Registration Board
  • Hold a current practising certificate, based on an annual review and evidence of continuing professional development and supervision
  • Adhere to the Music Therapy New Zealand (MThNZ) Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Practice for Registered Music Therapists. This is also a requirement of the Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand (AHANZ), of which Music Therapy New Zealand is a member.

Employing a Registered Music Therapist ensures music is used within a therapeutic framework to support the development of joint musical experiences and work towards specific non-musical goals which can have a communication, cognitive, physical, social and/or emotional focus.

For information about training as a Music Therapist visit the NZSM. 

Check out this video, featuring Neil Jourdan, NZRMTh and Chair, NZ Music Therapy Registration Board, clients and supporters.

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What NZ Registered Music Therapists Do

Music Therapists use the special qualities of music in a shared relationship with their clients, to meet personal needs, support learning, and promote healing and change.

They work with people of all ages and abilities, with individuals and groups, and in many different settings.

Where they work

Music Therapists often work as members of a clinical team in a variety of settings. These include early intervention centres; schools; aged care settings; prisons; hospital units; hospices; and community rehabilitation or mental health facilities.

Some Music Therapists work in private practice in homes or clinics and may also provide consultancy services.