Journal 2017


Sarah Hoskyns
Invited Essay: The Place of Improvisation in Case Study Research in Music Therapy

Megan Berentson Glass
Harmony through Collaboration: An Accessible Concert Project

Student Articles

Brieonie Jenkins, Shari Storie,& Suzanne Purdy
Quality of Life for Individuals with a Neurological Condition, who Participate in Social/Therapeutic Choirs

Kumi Sato & Shigeki Sonoyama
A Behavioural Study Exploring the Use of Originally Composed Songs to Encourage Children at a Japanese Day Treatment Facility to Transition between Activities

Book Reviews

Jennifer Ryckaert
Lathom-Radocy, W. (2017). Peters’ Music Therapy: An introduction (3rd ed.). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas.

Alison Talmage
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Laura Halligan
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Claire Molyneux
NiaNia, W., Bush, A., & Epston, D. (2017). Collaborative and indigenous mental health therapy: Tātaihono –Stories of Māori healing and psychiatry. New York, NY: Routledge.

Cheri Ang
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Fiona Hearn
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