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Alison Talmage, May Bee Choo Clulee
Fostering Creativity and Collaboration

Community Voices

Alison Talmage, May Bee Choo Clulee, Hyunah Cho, Megan Glass, Jenny Gordon, Sarah Hoskyns, Benjamin James Hunt, Angela Ah Young Jeong, Libby Johns, Jingyuan Cici Kong, Emily Langlois Hunt, Emma Matthews, Daphne Rickson, Carlos Riegelhaupt Landreani, Sophie Sabri, & Ruby Solly
Music Therapy in a Time of Pandemic: Experiences of Musicking, Telehealth, and Resource-Oriented Practice during COVID-19 in New Zealand

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Daphne Rickson
Music Therapy with Children who have Autism Spectrum Conditions in New Zealand – An Appreciative Acknowledgement

Megan Spragg                    
Practising Music Therapy in New Zealand and Australia 


Oliver E.L. Lowery, Jennifer Ryckaert, Adrian Field, Rachael Butler, & Louise Were
A Sense of Belonging: Evaluating how a Music Therapy Service is Valued by its Community

Morva Croxson Prize (2019)

Hazel Barrett
Music Therapy New Zealand Morva Croxson Prize for Emergent Writers (2019) – 1st Prize
Are Community Music Therapy Principles Relevant to my Work with Large Groups of Older Adults in a Residential Care Facility? Findings from a Student Action Research Project

Emily Langlois Hunt
Music Therapy New Zealand Morva Croxson Prize for Emergent Writers (2019) – 2nd Prize
Developing a Sense of Belonging: A Case Study on the Use of Peer Inclusion to Support a Child with Selective Mutism

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