NZ Music Therapy Registration Board

The New Zealand Music Therapy Registration Board was established in 2000. It assesses Music Therapist’s eligibility for registration (either Full or Provisional) within New Zealand and issues Annual Practising Certificates to those who meet the criteria agreed upon between the Registration Board and MThNZ.


The objectives of  Registration are to:

  • Ensure that people who practise Music Therapy have the necessary qualifications
  • Ensure that Registered Music Therapists are able to create and maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment for a client, adhere to the NZ Music Therapy Registration Board Code of Ethics and MThNZ Standards of Practice, and use the term “New Zealand Registered Music Therapist” (NZ RMTh)
  • Provide a benchmark for quality assurance as occurs with other professions
  • Provide employers, contracting agencies, and individuals with assurance that the qualification and professionalism of Registered Music Therapists meet appropriate standards
  • Ensure that Registered Music Therapists maintain their professional development and skills.


The benefits of Registration for a qualified Music Therapist include:

  • The ability to demonstrate to employers and potential employers that Music Therapy is a profession bound by a rigorous Code of Ethics with the appropriate body to uphold the Code
  • An annual practising certificate which demonstrates to employers that NZ RMThs have up-to-date music therapy knowledge and the skills to practice safely as well as adhering to the Standards of Practise
  • A provisional registration with a pathway to full registration where appropriate
  • Enabling a Music Therapist to apply for a job where the employer requires New Zealand Registration.
  • Provide a process for grievances and complaints to be objectively evaluated and appropriate actions taken.

Benefits of Registration for the Employer, Client and/or Agency

  • Provides assurance that the Registered Music Therapist has the necessary qualifications
  • Provides assurance that the Registered Music Therapist maintains sufficient ongoing professional development
  • Provides assurance that the Registered Music Therapist adheres to the New Zealand Music Therapy Registrations Board’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice


The Registration Board maintains a register of all Registered Music Therapists in New Zealand who hold a current annual practising certificate, who have met the Standards of Practice for Registered Music Therapists in New Zealand and who adhere to the Code of Ethics for the Practice of Music Therapy in New Zealand. 


Find a NZRMTh Clinical Supervisor

NZ Music Therapy Supervisor Database

The NZ Music Therapy Supervisor Database is published by the Registration Board, to assist Music Therapists in finding a supervisor.


Applications for new registrations and renewal of annual practising certificates (for exceptional reasons only) close on 1 August 2024. No late applications will be accepted.


Renewal of Annual Practising Certificate (APC):  $86.25 (includes GST) – half year

New Registration including six-month Practising Certificate:  $258.75 (includes GST) registration fee and half year APC fee.

New Zealand Music Therapy Registration Board: Appeals and Complaints Process

Do you have an inquiry or complaint about the safety, health, competence, character, fees or charges, or general conduct of a NZ Registered Music Therapist? If so, please contact the Registrar

To make a complaint, email the registrar: