Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021

Building connections that realise the potential in people

Our Purpose

Is to Champion potential and wellbeing through the professional use of Music Therapy

Our Mission

MThNZ is a membership organisation that advocates the employment of NZ registered Music Therapists (NZRMTh) and governs their ethical and professional standards of practice in working to enhance Hauora and Waiora of the people of Aotearoa New Zealand

Our Values

Live / Ora: (hauora and waiora) Promoting and working towards sustainability and balanced overall well-being

Reciprocity / Whanaungatanga: Fostering relationships that are connected, reciprocal and inclusive 

Creativity / Awhatanga: Celebrate our diversity, passion, spark and vitality

Professionalism / Te Taumata: Supporting and advocating for the highest quality evidenced based ethical practice with integrity and confidence


Our Destination

Through redefining our identity and telling our story through a range of media, Registered Music Therapists are supported working across a diverse range of New Zealand communities. A stable and extended funding base will enable our membership to grow and expand positively in partnership with key stakeholders.

Key Objective 1

To raise awareness and understanding of Music Therapy

Key Objective 2

To advance the provision of Music Therapy to all who will benefit from these services

Key Objective 3

To maintain standards of ethical practice to protect the safety of all clients

Key Objective 4

To advance research of Music Therapy in a range of settings, including the health and education sectors

Key Objective 5

To provide funding for study, research and activities that aim to advance the provision of Music Therapy in specific areas where there is an identified need

Key Objective 6

To develop relationships with relevant stakeholders

Strategic priorities 2019-2021

  1. Improve and refine our governance, financial and management systems (Resources & Budget)
  2. Use effective communication to build our relationships with our membership and to create opportunities to further expand our reach to include partnerships with a range of stakeholders
  3. Strengthen our credibility and profile through engagement with existing and potential members

The activities of MThNZ

Music Therapy New Zealand works to advance the provision of Music Therapy to all who will benefit from these services by:

  • Developing public awareness and understanding of Music Therapy
  • Overseeing professional standards and registration of Music Therapists
  • Encouraging and funding research
  • Providing scholarships for Music Therapy students and other Music Therapists
  • Developing relationships with government agencies, community groups, professional and other relevant organisations; and
  • Supporting activities to advance the ethical provision of Music Therapy services

Key messages

As part of its ongoing stakeholder engagement, Music Therapy New Zealand has developed the following key messages:

  • Music Therapy New Zealand works to raise awareness and understanding of Music Therapy in order to advance the provision of music therapy to all who will benefit from these services.
  • Music Therapy is the planned use of music to assist with the healing and personal growth of people across the lifespan with identified emotional, intellectual, physical or social needs.
  • Employing a Registered Music Therapist ensures music is used within a therapeutic framework to support the development of joint musical experiences and work towards specific, non-musical goals which can have a communication, cognitive, physical, social and / or emotional focus.

Success criteria

To ensure Music Therapy New Zealand can meet its strategic priorities the following success criteria have been set:

  1. Music Therapy is a recognised evidence based profession allied to Health and has pay parity within the Health and Education sectors.
  2. There is an increased number and geographical spread of registered music therapists working in New Zealand.
  3. Membership to Music Therapy New Zealand has increased.
  4. Music Therapy New Zealand has positive sustaining working relationships with its stakeholders.
  5. Music Therapy New Zealand has sufficient contributors, donors and members to ensure ongoing funding to achieve its goals and projects.
  6. Music Therapy New Zealand upholds the standards of ethical, competent music therapy practice.
  7. Music Therapy New Zealand provides prompt, clear, helpful advice and support which promotes and enhances the quality and availability of Music Therapy practice.