Carlos Riegelhaupt Landreani

Children: Mental Health, Special Needs Education, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual & Physical Disability.
Adolescents: Mental Health, Trauma.
Adults: Mental Health, Addictions, Trauma, Intellectual & Physical Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Corrections.


Accepting Private Work

“I am an Argentine/Kiwi registered music therapist based in Wellington. I have a background in culinary arts, woodworking, permaculture, making musical instruments, live music performances, and community music events. My clinical work centers on supporting children, adolescents, and adults who experience psychological, mental/emotional, behavioral, physiological, or neurological challenges. I offer individual and group music therapy sessions from my office in Upper Hutt or home visits by arrangement. I have experience working in corrections, outpatient and inpatient mental health treatment settings, special needs schools, and rest homes.

As a clinician, I strive to provide culturally sensitive care to assist people in our communities in a way that is inclusive to all. I bring a non-judgmental, curious, compassionate presence to support the therapeutic needs and well-being of the participants and their whānau. My approach is collaborative, strength-based, values-driven, experiential, empathetic, and playful in the true sense of ‘playing with music’. I believe that highlighting the participants’ strengths while considering their cultural and personal values can help develop and maintain a therapeutic alliance and support participants in achieving therapeutic goals.

I am trained in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PAT) with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and the Integrative Psychiatry Institute (IPI) in Boulder, Colorado, USA. I offer psychedelic preparation and integration, psychedelic harm reduction, and a music therapy-centered approach to developing PAT music programmes. I have a particular interest in the intersection of music, music technology, and exploring ways to enhance the power of music as a psychotherapeutic adjuvant in PAT.

I feel fortunate to be able to use music as a tool to support people in our communities. I am passionate about exploring creative ways of using music to facilitate therapeutic processes and foster well-being.”

Phone: 0212 576 454


Music facilitates connection on multiple levels of existence, its the meeting point between the body, the mind, and the spirit. I feel privileged for being able to use music as a tool to help people.
  • Registered Music Therapist
  • MMusTh (Hons)
  • BA Culinary Arts (Hons)
  • trained in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy with MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) and IPI (Integrative Psychiatry Institute) in Boulder, Colorado, USA, 2023.