Valentina Muga

Valentina Muga completed her Music Therapy Master’s from the University of Barcelona while doing her placements with SMT in a variety of settings. She had a key interest in assisting Cantabrainers Choir and facilitated and researched the pilot project of the Hohepa Choir for her final thesis, studying “The role of a community choir for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities”.

Coming from a family of musicians, Valentina played piano and sang from a young age. She is now an NZRMTh working with a variety of groups, therapeutic choirs, and individual clients living with Intellectual Disabilities and Brain Injury.
Her sessions can include mindfulness techniques, such as simple breathing activities and movement. She also offers the option of Music Therapy sessions in Spanish for those who come from Spanish-speaking countries.


Valentina Muga NZ RMTh