Funding Grants

Funding Grants

Music Therapy New Zealand has six dedicated funds available to provide awards and grants for specific purposes. These funds have been established with the support of generous donations, notably by Mr and Mrs F. W. Lindgren, Sir Roy McKenzie, Erika Schorss, Judith Clark and Peta Wellstead (Ronnies Funds)

Lindgren Project Fund

Provides financial assistance for study, research, and projects, which will promote the advancement of music therapy in New Zealand.

McKenzie Music Therapy Hospice Fund

Provides support for qualified music therapists or groups for study, research, or projects, which will promote the use of music therapy in palliative care in New Zealand.

Erika Schorss Publications Fund

Provides grants for scholarly publications relevant to music therapy practice and research.

The Judith Clark Fund

The fund is to support registered music therapists, final year students, and new graduates awaiting registration to attend and/or present about music therapy at national conferences, hui, and events. Emerging practitioners are encouraged to apply to this fund and applications may be made at any time, but must be made at least a month before an event for which funding is being sought.

Ronnie’s Fund (Regional Projects)

Provides seed funding for regional music therapy projects throughout Aotearoa New Zealand that are sustainable and have a ‘give back’ component (rather than ‘one-off’ projects) to the provision and/or promotion of music therapy for New Zealanders in the regions.

Application Process

Applications to the Lindgren, McKenzie, and Schorss funds close on 1 October annually. No applications will be considered prior to this date. Applications to the Clark fund, and category three of the McKenzie fund, may be made at any time.

Please read the funding guidelines before preparing your application; for any questions please contact the MThNZ administrator.

Download funding guidelines.  The project application forms can be downloaded and emailed or posted to MThNZ.

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McKenzie Music Therapy Scholarships

Visit McKenzie Music Therapy Scholarships

Please contact the NZSM Scholarships co-ordinator directly for closing dates and guidelines specific to the McKenzie Music Therapy Scholarship.