McKenzie Music Therapy Hospice Fund

The McKenzie Hospice Fund was established in 1995 from a donation by Sir Roy McKenzie to promote the use of Music Therapy in palliative care in New Zealand.

Currently 25% of the annual income generated by the grant is designated for use by Te Omanga Hospice, Lower Hutt, provided satisfactory programmes or initiatives are agreed upon with Music Therapy New Zealand.

Examples of projects funded:
● Pilot job creation in hospice field, especially where there is matching funding.

● Awards for study, research, and/or specific projects such as:
    ◦  music therapy research at a hospice;
    ◦ music therapy study outside New Zealand, with a recognised music           therapist at a hospice or palliative care facility;
    ◦ lecture tours in New Zealand by overseas music therapy experts in palliative care;
    ◦ matters relating to wellness and life­long education towards wellness;
    ◦ music therapy resource provision to be housed at the hospice setting.

● Grants to assist with expenses for other work relevant to this Fund.