Lindgren Award

Sing Up Rodney!

Alison Talmage

Sing Up Rodney is a community music therapy group north of Auckland for people living with a neurological condition (such as stroke, Parkinson’s or dementia) and partners/carers. The group was established in Silverdale in 2017, and expanded to Warkworth in 2018. Sing Up Rodney! is led by Alison Talmage NZ RMTh, with the support of volunteers, and has hosted an NZSM student placement. The singing group has links with the Centre for Brain Research and the CeleBRation Choir, but is an independent group.

Our launch in 2017 was made possible through a Lindgren Award from Music Therapy NZ and the active support of local community groups, including Alzheimers Auckland, Aphasia NZ, Parkinson’s NZ, Rodney Aphasia Group and the Stroke Foundation. We also acknowledge funding grants from Hibiscus Community House, Auckland Council (Hibiscus and Bays Local Board), the North Shore Presbyterian Hospital Trust, Lions Club of Warkworth, and the former Mahurangi Rotary, and the support of Orewa Rotary House and Warkworth Methodist Church.