Music Therapist Category: Wellington

Helen Ridley

It is my privilege to partner with individuals and families in using the special qualities and power of music to support healing and wellbeing.

Anna Sedcole

Music connects, energises, soothes, heals, and helps us process, among other things.

Sophie Sabri

My passion is to make music accessible to anyone and to use it for self-expression, life skills improvements and personal development.

Rachel Austin

It is a privilege to support people’s growth and wellbeing through Music Therapy.

Emily Hunt

The real power of music lies in the connections that it can forge between people

Yutong Gao

Music makes communication much better.

Rani Allan

Research has shown that music has the ability to connect us physically, emotionally and spiritually; expressing that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. I feel honoured that I get to walk alongside and help people on their unique journeys.

Fiona Hearn

I appreciate helping children and adults reach their full potential through music.

Daphne Rickson

I love how positive things can happen when people and music come together.