Music Therapist Category: Auckland

Auckland Therapists

Jenny Gordon

I am particularly interested in resourcing people into their own well-being (living the best life they can, given who they are), therefore living and aging well.

Helen Dowthwaite

Music has a powerful ability to connect us all and help us to find our voice.

Libby Johns

I enjoy participating in the musical journeys of others and helping them develop.

Kathryn Stevenson

I enjoy seeing positive results as music ‘touches’ others and assists them to grow.

Jennifer Glover

I delight in introducing families to the power of music therapy.

Alison (Ali) Talmage

I am an Auckland music therapist, experienced with people with diverse needs across the lifespan. My current PhD research focuses on singing groups for adults with communication difficulties resulting from a neurological condition.

Shari Storie

I love experiencing sparks of connection and witnessing significant progress.