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Together with the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre, MThNZ are very excited to be hosting our national hui and AGM in Hastings, Hawkes Bay


The series of workshops are in response to added pressures and stress on the Hawke’s Bay music therapy community and concerning levels of burnout across our industry.


We warmly invite all professionals or community musicians working in related fields that may find music as a useful tool to enhance their self care practices. It aims to have a balance of theory, music making and interactive, engaging workshops to energise and inspire attendees.


The workshops will cover

  • The effects of stress and burnout on the central nervous system

  • Exploring issues with sleep & energy levels

  • Psychology models of holistic wellbeing – e.g. PERMA model and Te Whare Tapa Wha

  • Looking after your physical health and wellbeing

  • Implementing grounding & relaxation techniques including music-based techniques

  • Participation in a music and relaxation session run by a NZ Registered Music Therapists

  • Music & Guided Imagery session run by a NZ Registered Music Therapist

  • Putting what we’ve learned into practice, how to maintain a balance, manage our time and prioritise our health and wellbeing

  • Running your own business – tips and advice

  • Community Wellbeing & Protection, looking at the health information security framework