MThNZ Conference Presenter Resources

The following links show collections of Presenter Resources from the 2010 and 2012 Music Therapy New Zealand conferences.

The Presenter Resources will be of interest to conference delegates, other music therapists, health and education professionals and those wanting to learn more about the use of music therapy.

2010 MThNZ Conference

- Presenter Resources from 2010 MThNZ Conference

The 2010 collection features the opening and major addresses given at conference.

The first by Professor Garry Hornby from the College of Education, University of Canterbury and the second by Dr Daphne Rickson from NZSM, Music Therapy Department.

2012 MThNZ Conference

- Presenter Resources from the 2012 MThNZ Conference

The 2012 collection features the Keynote address given at conference by Dr. Wendy Magee from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA.