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Bring The Joy!

This will be worth following as they make the documentary.


My name is Jason and I’m a filmmaker. I’m currently working on creating a documentary on journeys through music therapy titled Bring the Joy. Over the past 5 years, we at Vital Companies have been documenting the inspiring stories of music therapy through our partnership with Sam’s Fans. I’m reaching out to the music therapy community to share my vision and ask for your support.
Please view the trailer and learn more about the documentary here: https://www.bringthejoydoc.com/
During this process, the same questions about music therapy continued to surface:
What is it?
How does it work?
Is there medical research behind it?
How do you become a music therapist?
Does it require a degree?

These are all questions that we want to help address. Our vision for this documentary is to demystify, educate and bring national awareness about the benefits of music therapy – literally creating a movement.

Our current funding model has been through Vital’s personal investment, angel investors, and grants. This is our first crowdfunding effort, and we need your support to tell these stories.

Please consider donating to this valuable mission. No gift is too small.
Donate here: https://www.bringthejoydoc.com/donate

With your donation, we’re one step closer to raising even more awareness for your imperative practice. If you’re unable to donate, please promote Bring the Joy to your network and others who share your passion for music therapy!
Jason Clayton
Executive Producer/Director of Bring the Joy

Vital Companies
1305 Holly Ave.
Columbus, OH 43214
(614)-294-1306 x106

Check out the links below for further information:
Documentary website: https://www.bringthejoydoc.com/
Sam’s Fans website: https://samsfans.org/
Vital Companies website: https://www.vitalcompanies.com/