Music Therapy Week

Music Therapy New Zealand works to raise awareness and understanding of music therapy in order to advance the provision of music therapy to all who will benefit from these services. Music therapy is the planned use of music to assist with the healing and personal growth of people across the lifespan with identified emotional, intellectual, physical or social needs.

Employing a Registered Music Therapist ensures music is used within a therapeutic framework to support the development of joint musical experiences and work towards specific, non-musical goals which can have a communication, cognitive, physical, social and/or emotional focus.

Music Therapy Week aims to increase the awareness of music therapy and celebrate the music therapy that is happening throughout NZ in health, education and varied settings.

We also aim to foster connections with other disciplines and ensure every New Zealander knows how to access a music therapist.

Music Therapy NZ is a member of Allied Health NZ Aotearoa

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