Music Therapy Week

Music Therapy Week 27th September to 3rd October 2021

This year Music Therapy Week will be shifting its focus to what is happening in your region.  This will offer an opportunity for each regional group to come together to raise awareness and highlight the music therapy work in your part of the country and in turn raise the profile of individual music therapists across the country.

We would like to suggest using the community discussion in the membership area on the NZ Music Therapy website as a meeting place to share and exchange ideas when planning your MTW event. Communicating in this way would be advantageous to also increasing the use of the Forum and reigniting a well-loved and safe space. It was decided to hold Music Therapy Week on the 27th of September as it is the last week of the school term and it coincides with mental health week with which there are many overlapping themes.

Should you wish to host an event, you can apply for funding to help with the costs.  We encourage you to advertise your event using local newspapers, radio, social media and we would like to support you however we can.  Should you need any help or guidance, please get in touch with Yvonne MacSweeny

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