Music Therapy New Zealand 2021 Webinar Series #2

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Music Therapy New 2021 Webinar Series
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Webinar #2: May 12th, 7pm
Calvin Peter Baker presents A Singing Life: Understanding Vocal Changes for a Lifetime of Voice Use. A webinar for music therapists, other professionals, and the public
The human voice is a marvel of complexity that undergoes several landmark changes throughout a lifetime. A once experienced and confident voice user can become anxious when they find their voice is no longer ‘what it used to be’. Physiological changes in the voice mechanism lead not only to changes in the acoustic presentation of the voice, but also in the physical sensations that accompany phonation. This lecture will highlight some key developments in the human voice across a lifetime and will offer suggestions as to how to maintain healthy, efficient, and enjoyable voice use despite the inevitable challenges of age-related body changes.
Calvin Peter Baker is a  voice teacher and researcher based in Auckland, New Zealand. Calvin teaches at several Auckland high schools, working with developing voices in solo and choral contexts. He also works with adults in his private studio who have had history of vocal injury and/or misuse and works to restore a healthy balance of strength and suppleness to the voice. His pedagogy focuses on vocal function and diagnosis of vocal-technical issues. Calvin is a PhD candidate at the University of Auckland School of Music and lectures in vocal function and anatomy