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Music Therapy with Autistic Children in Aotearoa, New Zealand

Haumanu ā-Puoro mā ngā Tamariki Takiwātanga i Aotearoa

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We are delighted to introduce Daphne Rickson’s book, ‘Music therapy with autistic children in New Zealand’. In this unique text, ten cases of music therapy with autistic children (tamariki takiwātanga) are critiqued through the eyes of family members and other autism experts (the commentators). The commentators’ rich observations are contextualized in a thorough review of research and practice literature, to illustrate the ways music therapists engage autistic children in music therapy processes, highlight the various ways music therapy can support the health and well-being of tamariki takiwātanga, and demonstrate how music therapy processes align with good practice as outlined in the New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline. Daphne wishes to offer her deep and sincere appreciation to all music therapists, tamariki takiwātanga, and families who were involved in this work. Enjoy!