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How to join Music Therapy NZ New Zealand Society for Music Therapy

Music Therapy New Zealand is a registered charity in New Zealand. As a not for profit organisation, MThNZ relies on the generous support of donors and members to sustain its activities.

Become a friend

Friends of Music Therapy New Zealand (MThNZ) support the growth of music therapy in New Zealand, and can help to make music therapy known in the wider community.


Membership gives you:

  • a copy of the Introduction to Music Therapy DVD
  • the annual NZ Journal of Music Therapy
  • information about music therapy activities in NZ, via the MusT newsletter and regular email updates
  • discounted registration at MThNZ-hosted events
  • access to the members-only online forum
  • the opportunity to nominate and vote for members of the MThNZ Council which works to raise awareness and understanding of music therapy in order to advance the provision of music therapy to all who will benefit from these services.
  • the opportunity to join a likeminded community of people and organisations who support music therapy in NZ
  • the option to join local regional groups

In addition, registered music therapists receive the following benefits: 

  • the option to list their professional details online
  • access to the “Vacancies” online forum, where work opportunities are posted
  • a discounted rate for professional indemnity and public liability insurance through AON
  • attendance at the Australian Music Therapy Assn (AMTA) conferences at the AMTA membership rate
  • the Professional Resource Pack, providing information to new graduates and those music therapists new to New Zealand


(effective 1 April 2018)                                                    inclusive of GST
Registered Music Therapists (RMTh) $115.00
Registered Music Therapist  Part-time* (RMTh-PT)
* Therapy practice hours include contact hours with clients as well as the non-contact clinical processes needed to provide a prepared and documented service.
Registered Music Therapist Non-Practising (RMTh-NP)  $57.50
Friend  $57.50
Corporate (corrected March 2018 with our apology)  $138.00
 + suggested corporate donation gratefully accepted  $30.00
Student – First year (St-FY)*
* First Year Music Therapy Students and Other Full-Time Tertiary Students Interested in Music Therapy -1 Year only.
Student – Second year(St-SY) (corrected March 2018 with our apology)  $55.20
International Student
Educational Institution required for Student rates











The subscription form can be downloaded and posted to MThNZ or completed online.



Can you help?

Music Therapy New Zealand (MThNZ) Council are looking for volunteers who have fundraising experience, including completing funding applications, who would be willing to contribute some time to help MThNZ with fundraising.

MThNZ is currently funded through membership subscriptions and donations. We have been very fortunate to have had several generous benefactors over the years, including Sir Roy McKenzie. We cannot, however, rely solely on these sources for ongoing funding and therefore need to pursue other avenues.

If you are interested in supporting MThNZ with fundraising, or know of anyone who may be, please contact the MThNZ Administrator for further information.