Symposium 2021 Programme


Music Therapy NZ Symposium 13-15 August 2021

In partnership with the University of Canterbury

UC School of Music, Arts Centre, 3 Hereford Street, Ōtautahi Christchurch

Theme: Collaboration

Day One: Friday 13 August

Time Event Details Venue
4.30pm Registration Arts Centre, 2 Worcester Boulevard, Ōtautahi Christchurch Great Hall Foyer
5:15pm Mihi Whakatau (Greeting from mana whenua representative) Great Hall
5:30pm Official Welcome President & Symposium Convenor Linda Webb, Co-Chair Helen Dowthwaite NZ RMTh, and UC Arts Partnerships Manager Clare Murray Great Hall
Music Therapy Presentations Kimberley Wade NZ RMTh (Christchurch), Jennifer Ryckaert NZ RMTh (Auckland)
6:15pm Mix & Mingle, Drinks & Canapes Background music: UC music student: Hannah Everingham, singer/songwriter Great Hall
7:30pm Conclusion Dinner: own arrangements

Day Two: Saturday 14 August

Time Event Details Venue
9.15am Registration continues Arts Centre, 2 Worcester Boulevard, Ōtautahi Christchurch Great Hall Foyer
9.45am Symposium welcome & housekeeping Symposium Convenor Great Hall
10.00am Presentation 1: Collaboration: Cantabrainers Choir interactive workshop - Kimberley Wade NZ RMTh & Angela Reimer Speech Language Therapist Angela Reimer and Kimberley Wade will co-present an interactive workshop – with the Cantabrainers Choir. A “live” 60 minute rehearsal with the Cantabrainers Choir members ‘scattered’ amongst the audience. We will pause and discuss the reasons for the warm ups, and chosen songs, and two members of the choir will also speak about the reasons why they joined the choir, and how they have found it beneficial to their recovery and/or quality of life Great Hall
11.00am Morning Tea
11.30am Choice of 2 or 3 Presentation 2: Collaborative practice within Starship Children’s Hospital - Olly Lowery NZ RMTh For the past three years the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre has been providing music therapy as part of the Hospital Play Specialist Service at Starship. This presentation will give an insight into the collaborative development of the programme and how it currently supports children and young people through their hospital experience.
Presentation 3: A music and dance movement therapy collaboration to provide trauma-informed CPD in early childhood centres around Northland - Katie Pureti NZ RMTh and Jan McConnell Dance Movement Therapist A unique collaboration between Jan McConnell (Dance Movement Therapist) and Katie Pureti (NZ RMTh) has led to the Ministry of Education funding professional development for early childhood centres across Northland. This project focuses on supporting tamariki who may have experienced trauma.
12.15pm SOLE Academy – Sacha Vee Sacha, a multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter, trained music therapist, and now the Founder and Director of SOLE Music Academy talks about how she created her business model, who she collaborates with and also how her studies of music therapy still informs her practice. SOLE students will showcase their music during the lunch break.
12.25pm Lunch SOLE Academy musicians playing background music
1.15pm Choice of 4 or 5 Presentation 4: Autistic individuals can teach if some are ready to listen: The use of the letter boards in client-centred therapy - Angela (Ah Young) Jeong NZ RMTh and Becky Darroch (honoured client) Through the case of Becky, the use of letter boards and their ability to promote self-expression are evident and supporting of a client-centred music therapy approach. Communication with this assistive device has enabled the client to present their authentic self and further educate the therapist.
Presentation 5: An integrated response to trauma: sensory exploration, emotional regulation and music therapy - Lauren Payne NZ RMTh It is important for us as music therapists to understand, differentiate and amalgamate both sensory and emotional regulation techniques into our practice. This presentation will discuss the autonomic nervous system, the eight senses and how they relate to trauma informed care in children and adolescents.
2.00pm Presentation 6: Demonstrating the collaborative process: the viola and live digital processing - Prof. Mark Menzies & Dr Reuben de Lautour, UC In collaboration with Professor of Music Mark Menzies, Dr Reuben de Lautour will give a 12-15 performance of a musical work for viola and live digital sound processing, followed by a discussion of the collaborative process and how the way that performers interact with reactive live digital sound processing influences the creative process.
2.40pm Poster Presentation 7: Music Therapy New Zealand Morva Croxson Prize: Working Together to Encourage Emerging Professionals Alison Talmage NZ RMTh This poster presentation aims to encourage entries for the Morva Croxson Prize, established in 2017 to establish student and new graduate writing. Past winners and judges will be highlighted, alongside FAQs and information for potential entrants.
2.45pm Poster Presentation 8: New Zealand Journal of Music Therapy: Our Journal, Our People, Our Stories Alison Talmage NZ RMTh & May Bee Choo Clulee NZ RMTh This poster presentation highlights the values, purpose and scope of NZJMT. The presenters will clarify the publication process, and the roles of editors, reviewers and advisers. It is hoped to generate discussion as a more diverse journal is developed that fully represents our practice and research in Aotearoa New Zealand.
2.55 pm Afternoon Tea Poster discussion continues informally
3.30pm Choice of 9 or 10 Presentation 9: My moko and me: Our musical collaboration - Robyn Trinick, University of Auckland My moko (grandson) is three years old and has PURA syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by a range of intellectual and physical challenges. As a music educator, I use my understanding of the value of music to nurture his growth in affective, aural, physical, intellectual, social, cultural and linguistic ways. Together we sing, dance, play a range of musical instruments, explore sounds and listen to a broad range of music. I share my perceptions of the impact music has had on his overall development – the successes, the challenges, and the surprises.
Presentation 10: Collaboration with education professionals to support well-being and social and emotional development in a primary school setting through a ‘rhythm for wellbeing’ programme - Elizabeth Bolwell NZ RMTh In Christchurch it is recognised that some children are showing signs of anxiety after significant events in the region. Collaboration with schools to offer group rhythm and reflective activities to support the health curriculum in a fun and motivating real life context. Limit 12 participants. PRESENTATION LIMIT HAS BEEN REACHED - REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED.
4.10pm Presentation 11: Moving forward collaboratively: Professional growth and growing as a profession - Registration Board Chair Neil Jourdan NZ RMTh What value do you, as a registered music therapist, get from completing the annual practising certificate application form? Does it make you think about your practise, or is it a necessary evil? What is relevant CPD to show the Registration Board your clinical and professional growth? Linking goals with work and professional growth and looking for these connections.
4.45pm Music Making Led by Neil Jourdan
5.00pm Open discussion forum: Moving forward with bi cultural partnerships – an opportunity to contribute ideas. All members welcome. Chaired by President, Linda Webb.
Meet 6pm for 6.30pm Dinner Dinner and Music at Fat Eddies Cost $30 (canapes, walk ‘n fork, dessert) N.B. beverages are not included in the cost and must be paid for individually at the venue. Level 1/76 Hereford Street, Christchurch Central City

Day Three: Sunday 15 August

Time Event Details Venue
8.15am MThNZ Council Meeting
9.00am MThNZ AGM 2021 (non-election year). This is an opportunity to hear from & interact with the Council in person.
10.30am Morning Tea
11.00am Choice of 12 or 13 Presentation 12: Collaborating with The World Federation of Music Therapy - President Emerita Dr Daphne Rickson NZ RMTh and MThNZ’s WFMT Council representative The World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT) is an international non-profit organisation bringing together music therapy associations and individuals interested in developing and promoting music therapy globally through the exchange of information, collaboration among professionals, and actions. Examples of their work will be shared and suggestions invited regarding future collaborations.
Presentation 13: Music therapy as an intervention for children who have experienced trauma - Lucy Kelly NZ RMTh This presentation will look at how music therapy can be an effective intervention for children who have experienced trauma. I will look into how early trauma can impact brain development and discuss how music therapy can provide a different approach to trauma intervention. I will present multiple case studies from my work.
11.45pm Choice of 14 or 15 Presentation 14: A culturally sensitive ‘wifi’ healing model - Hyunah Cho NZ RMTh The “wifi model” emphasises the significance of the cultural musical context in music therapy practices and suggests a new framework for collaborating different musical culture in music therapy practices
Presentation 15: Collaborating with a fellow music therapist to transition into a new position - Ella Polczyk-Przybyla NZ RMTh Departing managed isolation and commencing work for the RMTC in Hawke’s Bay, then working collaboratively with the existing therapist in each session over a two week transition period proved to be both challenging and really special. An insight into how we worked together as music therapists, the vulnerability and the cohesion I experienced.
12.20pm Lunch Jam session – let’s make music
1.05pm Presentation 16: Ngaa Taonga Puuoro Pouhine Orooro - Mahina-Ina M Kingi-Kaui Sound bath and healing
1.45pm Choice of 17 or 18 Presentation 17: Working it out together - Liz Wallace NZ RMTh Empowering community support workers to use music to help adults with learning (intellectual) disabilities
Presentation 18: Musicking Together: collaborating with local musicians and music therapists - Sophie Sabri NZ RMTh This presentation describes a collaborative music therapy project that runs monthly in Wellington and is open to anyone. The presenter will tell the story of their initial vision for the project to the unexpected benefits and challenges that have occurred on the way.
2.35pm Presentation 19: Songwriting with the CeleBRation Choir: A Matrix of Approaches to Support Identity, Communication & Advocacy - Alison Talmage NZ RMTh This music-centred presentation will discuss songwriting with and for the CeleBRation Choir, whose participants are adults living with neurogenic communication difficulties, supporters and volunteers. Approaches will be considered in the context of a social model of communication rehabilitation and Wood’s (2016) matrix for community music therapy practice.
3.35pm Close of Symposium: Convenor and Organising Team

Music Therapy New Zealand acknowledges our generous supporters:
Dame Adrienne Stewart
Giesen Wines
Court Florist
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