Music Therapy in a Time of Pandemic: Experiences of Musicking, Telehealth, and Resource-Oriented Practice during COVID-19 in New Zealand

Alison Talmage
MMusTher (Hons), MEd, PGCertHealSc (Adv Psychotherapy Practice), PGCertHealSc (Clinical Supervision), BA (Hons), NZ RMTh
University of Auckland
May Bee Choo Clulee
MA(Music Therapy), BSc, NZ RMTh
Southern Music Therapy and private practice, Canterbury
Hyunah Cho
MEd (Music Therapy), BA, NZ RMTh, Korean Certified Music Therapist (KCMT), Korean Certified Clinical Psychologist
PhD candidate, University of Otago
Megan Glass
GDipMusTh, BMus (Hons), NZ RMTh
Mahinawa Specialist School, Porirua; and private practice
Jenny Gordon
MMusTher, NZ RMTh
Private Practice, Auckland
Jingyuan Cici Kong
MMusTher, BMusPerf, NZ RMTh
Private practice, Wellington
Sarah Hoskyns
PhD, FGSM, LGSM(MT), ARCM, NZ RMTh, HCPC – UK (Music Therapist)
Victoria University of Wellington – Te Herenga Waka, New Zealand School of Music – Te Kōkī
Benjamin James Hunt
Music Therapy Participant, Porirua
Angela Ah Young Jeong
MMusTher, BMus, NZ RMTh
Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre, Auckland
Libby Johns
MMusTher, BMus, NZ RMTh
Private practice, LJ Music Therapy, and Hospice West Auckland
Emily Langlois Hunt
PhD (Theology), MMusTher, BA (Theology), CT ABRSM, NZ RMTh
Private practice and Director at Little Musical Caravan, Wellington
Emma Matthews
MMusTher, Grad Dip (ECE), BA, BMus, NZ RMTh
Maitai Specialist School, Nelson
Daphne Rickson
PhD, MMusTher, MHealSc(MenH), NZ RMTh
Victoria University of Wellington – Te Herenga Waka, New Zealand School of Music – Te Kōkī
Carlos Riegelhaupt Landreani
Master of Music Therapy Student, Victoria University of Wellington – Te Herenga Waka, New Zealand School of Music, Te Kōkī
Sophie Sabri
MMusTher, BSc (Hons), NZ RMTh
Evaro and private practice, Wellington
Ruby Solly
MMusTher, BMus, NZ RMTh
Kai Tahu, Waitaha, Kāti Māmoe


COVID-19 response; musicking; telehealth; community music therapy; resource-oriented music therapy

Editorial Notes
This article is accompanied by two audio recordings, by Jingyuan Cici Kong and Hyunah Cho, available from the journal website:
This “Community Voices” collaborative article has been submitted to an open, single peer review process.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of people worldwide. This collaborative article describes personal and professional experiences of New Zealand music therapists during the lockdown. We envisaged this article as a series of glimpses into our professional lives, a tapestry
reminiscent of the now so familiar grid of Zoom participant images. Each author (or team) offers a unique snapshot of life and professional practice at this time, all focusing on the shift from face-to-face to online connections. Contributing authors focus on various cultural aspects, clinical and
community musicking, telehealth approaches, resource-oriented practice, and online music therapy training. This diversity illustrates the many affordances of music, described by Denora, and Wood’s matrix of musical formats that can be incorporated within eclectic music therapy practice. Many contributing co-authors draw on community music frameworks. Most theory here is practice-led, driven by ecological principles of prioritising people, context, and trauma recovery. This article highlights concurrent vulnerability and resourcefulness in ourselves as music therapists and in
those we work with. The authors hope that readers will feel encouraged to reflect on and share their own experiences, challenges, resourcefulness, and guiding values as we all continue to build individual and collective resilience.

[Complete article available in full journal.]

Audio Links:

NZJMT2020 – Kong,J.C. The street life of Chengdu

NZJMT2020 – Cho,H.

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