RHYTHM 4 Well- Being- Music Therapy and Health Programme.

Personal well- being and social and emotional development are listed as important areas in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Rhythm4wellbeing supports schools to offer a real life context for exploring healthy relationships using the powerful tool of rhythm.

The Rhythm 2 Recovery Model (www.rhythm2recovery.com.au) which has been adapted for Canterbury Schools to rhythm 4 Well-Being is an evidence- based model. The main principles of the programme are to create a safe environment for participants and to build rhythmic confidence by focusing on simple foundation rhythms such as heartbeat rhythms.  Building a trusting, respectful and supportive relationship between the facilitator and the group is a big focus.

Why rhythm? Rhythmic music positively affects the parts of the brain that help regulate emotions. The programme is hands on and each student uses a dejembe drum for self-expression and self-reflection in a group setting.


In 2020 groups which met once a week for an hour were developed along with workshops over several days. Schools have the flexibility to say how the programme will be utilised in their schools. All options have pre and post evaluation tools for student and staff assessment.

I am available to meet with designated staff, give a short power point presentation and/or outline an appropriate programme for you and your students.

Support for the programme” said James Souter Deputy Principal -Te Waka Unua Primary school to Star media. “All (of the 7 to 10 year olds) have participated in the programme which has given them an opportunity to explore their well- being in a safe, supportive and engaging way. The students also developed the schools core skills of communication, problem solving, courage, teamwork and self -management during the programme.”

For more information please contact our facilitator – Liz Bolwell