Morva Croxson Prize for Emergent Writers 2019

The Morva Croxson Prize acknowledges the lifetime achievement of one of New Zealand’s foremost music therapy pioneers. Music Therapy New Zealand invites postgraduate music therapy students and early career music therapists to submit an article of 3500-5000 words on a topic of relevance to the contemporary New Zealand music therapy profession.

1st Prize:      $500 cash prize, and one year’s free MThNZ membership.

NZJMT editor will support the winner to prepare the article for publication.

2nd Prize:     $250 cash prize, and 50% discount on one year’s MThNZ membership.

NZJMT editor will support the winner to prepare the article for publication.

Closing date: 1st December 2019

Rules (including entrant eligibility & judging criteria): www.musictherapy.org.nz/journal.

Previous winners:

Articles by the inaugural 2017 first and second prize winners, Nolan Hodgson and Olly Lowery, were published in the 2018 NZJMT: https://musictherapy.org.nz/journal/2018-2.

2019 Judges

Prof Katrina Skewes McFerran

Head of Music Therapy, Co-Director of National Music Therapy Research Unit (NaMTRU), Associate Dean Melbourne School of Graduate Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia

Claire Molyneux

Music Therapist (HCPC UK Registered), NZ RMTh

Music therapy lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK

Member of Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research (CIMTR)

Former NZ Music Therapy Registration Board Chair, MThNZ President, Council Member

Dr Vini Olsen-Reeder
Pukenga/Lecturer, Te Kawa a Māui/School of Māori Studies,

Victoria University of Wellingon, NZ

Note, additional judges will be sought for any entries written in te reo Māori.

Writing Support

While entries must be the entrants’ original work, entrants are encouraged to share preliminary drafts with a critical friend – see Rule 2.3. NZ Registered Music Therapists interested in the role of critical friend are invited to read the Rules and then contact the NZJMT Editor.

Entries and inquiries: editor@musictherapy.org.nz.

Click here for the Morva Croxson info sheet and entry form.

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