This statement is current to 27 May 2020.

Now that we are in Level 2 and jointly finding our way in the ‘new normal’ we thought it would be helpful to send out some information relating to working and well-being in the current environment.

As the situation with Coronavirus is constantly evolving, below you will find a list of links for national and international organisations where you can find relevant information. This list will be revised on an as-needed basis.

As Music Therapists work in a wide variety of settings and with a wider range of clients, it is difficult to advise general rules of engagement. Everyone needs to assess their own situations (both professional and personal) to mitigate any potential risk factors. If you work with immune compromised, medically vulnerable, or elderly clients in particular, please consider these issues carefully. Social distancing, hand hygiene, and general cleaning are still important measures to consider outside of these specific areas below.

Gatherings where social interaction amongst the group may occur are still limited to ten people.  These limitations will change to 100 people from Friday 29 May.

Due to the novel nature of this virus, peer-reviewed research is still limited. Our Research SIG leader, Alison Talmage, attended a recent Q&A with Otago epidemiologist Prof Michael Baker hosted by NZ Choral Federation.  This information is particularly pertinent to those who use singing and/or wind instruments in their professional practice.

Heather Fletcher, as our representative with AHANZ (the Allied Health Network), has been attending zoom sessions with Martin Chadwick, Chief Allied Health Officer for MoH.  The link below is being updated regularly. It is particularly pertinent to practices that may require the use of PPE.  These sessions continue to be run fortnightly and Heather is happy to accept any questions to take to the forum on behalf of MThNZ. Please email these questions to Heather

Did you know? MThNZ is insured through AON. AON offers MThNZ members a discount on their Business Liability Insurance scheme.  Please contact the EO for further details.

The following website is collating details of different funds and grants around the country that have been set up or allocated to support local community responses to Covid-19 that some of our members may be able to apply to:

The wage subsidy scheme has been extended and a further subsidy added. The links are below.

Link for Self employed/ Sole Traders income support:

Link for businesses to get staff subsidy:

Permanent loss of income (new subsidy/support)

Full info can be read here:

Mental wellbeing and workplace stress are an issue for many in the current situation. The Mental Health Foundation has put together some resources regarding this. These are aimed at workplace leaders and employers, but it may be useful reading for independent contractors too.

Download the free resource here:

There are also attached documents from NZ Association of Psychotherapists and NZ Association of Counsellors regarding E-Counselling and mental health approaches.

The following from OTNZ-WNA links to a series of interactive workshops and the toolkit available to the public is at

Other tele-health information can be found here: 

Healthline’s dedicated 24 hour Coronavirus number is 0800 358 5453.

If you need any further advice or support, please do not hesitate to contact MThNZ Executive Officer – Lara Burke.