NZ Music Therapy Registration Board

The New Zealand Music Therapy Registration Board was established in 2000. The Board maintains a Register of Music Therapists who are registered in New Zealand. It issues Practising Certificates to those who meet the criteria agreed with MThNZ and the Registration Board.


The objectives of the Registration system are to:
  • ensure that only people who are qualified to practise are able to create and maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment for a client, adhere to the MThNZ Code of Ethics, and use the term New Zealand Registered Music Therapist;
  • provide a benchmark for quality assurance as occurs with other professions;
  • provide employers, contracting agencies, and individuals with assurance that the qualification and professionalism of music therapists meet appropriate standards;
  • ensure that music therapists maintain their personal development and professional skills; and
  • provide a process for grievances and complaints to be objectively evaluated and appropriate sanctions applied.


The benefits of Registration for a qualified Music Therapist include:
  • the ability to demonstrate to employers and potential employers that Music Therapy is a profession bound by a rigorous Code of Ethics with the appropriate body to enforce the Code;
  • a Practising Certificate which demonstrates to employers that you have up-to-date music therapy knowledge and the skills to practice safely;
  • a provisional registration with a pathway to full registration where appropriate;  and
  • enabling a music therapist to apply for a job where the employer insists on New Zealand Registration.


The register below lists alphabetically all registered music therapists in New Zealand who hold a current practising certificate, who have met the Standards of Practice for Registered Music Therapists in New Zealand, and who adhere to the Code of Ethics for the Practice of Music Therapy in New Zealand. A music therapist registered with the New Zealand Music Therapy Registration Board must have a current practising certificate to practise music therapy in New Zealand. If the name you seek is not included on the Register please contact the Registrar in the first instance to confirm their eligibility to practise.

Register of New Zealand registered Music Therapists who hold a current practising certificate(pdf)


Applications for first registrations are to be submitted by 1 March. Please refer to the Information Sheet if you wish to submit an application outside of this timeframe.


First Registration and Practising Certificate $200
Practising Certificate renewal $110 (1 year)*

*Applicants will qualify for a prompt payment discount of $10 for completed applications of renewal of practising certificate received on or before 1 March only. Applications received after this date will not qualify for the prompt payment discount and will be required to pay the full fee of $110. The appropriate fee should accompany the completed application form (PDF) and signed copy of the Code of Ethics (PDF).

Renewal of Practising Certificate

You will find the application form for renewal of practising certificate here. This is for Music Therapists who are currently registered in New Zealand.

Continuing Professional Development and Supervision are an integral part of practising as a Music Therapist in New Zealand and evidence of both activities is required when you apply for renewal of your practising certificate. Please complete the Supervision Log and arrange for the Supervision Log to be signed by your supervisor. The Supervision Log is required to be submitted together with your application for renewal of your practising certificate.  An information sheet to help you complete the CPD and Supervision Log is also included.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for the Practice of Music Therapy in New Zealand (September 2012) [pdf]

Board Members

Penny Warren, BA (Hons), MMusThe (Hons), NZRMTh, Chair of the New Zealand Music Therapy Registration Board.
Wendy Wright, New Zealand Registered Occupational Therapist (NZROT), Dip OT (Dist)
Alison Talmage, MMusTher (Hons), MEd, BA (Hons), NZRMTh, Chair of Music Therapy New Zealand Council.
Any queries regarding Registration should be addressed to the Registrar, Anna Reilly:

A note on the fillable PDF forms

It is highly recommended you complete these forms using the most recent version of Adobe Reader, which can be used on any sort of computer. This can be downloaded for free from here. You will be able to open, and type into, the forms using other PDF readers such as Preview for Mac, but the forms may lose some of their functionality, such as the ability to automatically total hours. It’s also recommended you download these forms (by right clicking on them and then clicking “Save link as” or “Download”, or similar, depending on your system) rather than completing them in your browser.

Entering hours
Please enter hours in numerals only, for example “2.5″ instead of “Two and a half hours”.
Signing forms
Adobe Reader allows you to create an electronic version of your signature that you can then easily place on the form (so you don’t have to print, sign, and scan the document). For how to do this in a number of different programmes, please see this how-to guide.

Forms On This Page:                                                                               Application for Registration as a Music Therapist (Fillable PDF version)                                                

Renewal Practising Certificate Application Form (Fillable PDF version)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log (Fillable PDF version) 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log (DOCX) 

Supervision Log Fillable PDF version 

Supervision Log (DOCX version) 

 Section 2B Questionnaire (Fillable PDF version)

NZ Music Therapy Registration Board Information Sheet

CPD Log Information Sheet and audit process for Music Therapists (PDF)