MThNZ Chair Report March 2018Posted on: Wednesday, 21 March 2018

As acknowledged in my November report, I would like to reiterate my thanks to all Council members for their ongoing support and the significant workload that they collectively continue to achieve on behalf of the membership. A special thank you also to Jenny who left the administrators role last week. She came into the then 15 hours a week position at the end of June last year. As a result of our review of the administration position in the interim, we have identified that the workload actually requires 25 hours per week. Knowing that 15 hours was an upper limit for Jenny in addition to her other commitments, we offered to look at employing another part time person to take up the additional time. However, Jenny has decided to not continue, and we appreciate her assistance in transitioning Lisa Stanley into the role over the last week and will miss her positive disposition and professionalism. A special thank you to Kerry too who has expediated recruiting Lisa on a temporary three month assignment through his connections with Consult Accounting & Finance Recruitment. She has a wealth of management, administrative and accounting experience that has involved working with a wide range of people.


Under the umbrella of the Communications portfolio, Shari continues to facilitate the Digital Communication Strategy Review working group with a focus on website and forum development, and as you will know from her recent email, she is currently involved in meeting with potential website designers with the view of launching a new website during the October Music Therapy Week. She has also invited members to signal their interest or that of others, in contributing to a newly established Marketing working group.  Alison Talmage’s valuable work as Editor of the NZ Journal of Music Therapy is evident in the latest edition, and we thank everyone for their feedback via the journal survey and especially Shari who has also provided assistance with this.


In addition to meeting potential website designers with Shari, guiding Lisa into the financial and operational processes of the administration position, and coordinating the Finance portfolio, Kerry continues to provide an enormous amount of expertise and support to MThNZ as an organisation. Heather Fletcher will also be reconvening the Professional Standards of Practice working group soon so please watch out for an email inviting members to be part of this, and please contact Lisa if you would like to be involved in some way in any other area that matches your interests and expertise. Your views are important to us, as in aiming to meet the needs of members, we need your input to everything we do. Megan will also be making contact, with those previously involved in the Health Special Interest Group (SIG:H) to call for nominations for a new coordinator, as Alison Talmage has stepped back from this role to focus on other things. We thank Alison for her time and contributions in establishing and co-ordinating this group.


With at least two vacant positions and the aim of strengthening Council with appropriate skill sets and spreading the workload, we need to add further balance and expertise with communication, marketing, public relations, business and accounting capabilities on the Council. As part of the AGM, Council elections will be held on 1st September 2018 in Auckland. Please forward to me (Linda: ) any suggestions you have by considering client, family and friend connections who may have any one, or a combination of these skills. As our most recent graduate on Council, Nolan Hodgson will also be encouraging new graduates to consider becoming a Council member.


As previously signalled, our current strategic plan expires this year and leading on from our November workshop session, the Council has refined the wording of our purpose, mission and values statements. Prior to doing this, it was a pleasure and privilege to meet with President Emeriti Morva Croxson and Daphne Rickson, and previous Council Member and Journal Editor Barbara Mabbett in late January to gather their perspectives and feedback too, concerning the wording. At the Council’s meeting in February it was agreed that the new strategic plan would cover 3 years (2019 – 2021), and the agreed wording to date is as follows:


Purpose:  ‘To champion potential and well-being through the professional use of music Therapy’

Mission:    MThNZ is a membership organisation that advocates the employment of NZ registered Music Therapists (NZRMTh) and governs their ethical standards and practice in working to enhance Hauora and Waiora of the people of Aotearoa New Zealand


  1. Ora (hauora and waiora)–Promoting and working towards sustainability and balanced overall well-being,
  2. Reciprocity / Whanaungatanga – Fostering relationships that are connected, reciprocal and inclusive
  3. Creativity / Awhatanga – Celebrate our diversity, passion, spark and vitality
  4. Professionalism / Te Taumata –  Supporting and advocating for the highest quality evidenced based ethical practise with integrity and confidence


If you have any comments about this wording, please share your feedback with Linda –


At our February and follow up online March 2018 Council meetings, the following was also discussed and maybe of interest to you:

  •    On World Music Therapy Day 1st March, a video was released on our Facebook page that was voluntarily produced by Louise Pattison in conjunction with Megan, and as Shari has reported, it has had many hits!! Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. A huge thank you to all who were involved in this highly successful project.
  • Due to previous success, Music Therapy Week will again take place, but the month will be October rather than July in 2018, from Saturday 20th – Sunday 28th October 2018 and in line with World Music Therapy Day the theme is to be ‘Spring into Music Therapy’
  •   16th World Congress of Music Therapy is to be held in South Africa, July 2020, dates and location still to be confirmed.


On behalf of the Council, we look forward to continuing to work with you as a member and welcome your feedback as we continue to progress MThNZ as the key support and advocate of Music Therapy practice in New Zealand Aotearoa.


Linda Webb

MThNZ Council Chair