Auckland Regional Group Explores Taonga PūoroPosted on: Sunday, 17 December 2017

For the June meeting, the Auckland Regional Group heard from members May Clulee, Libby Johns and Olly Lowery who shared their experiences and learnings from recent Taonga Pūoro Wānanga with us.  In our gathering at the Devonport Library, May, Libby and Olly briefly discussed their journeys with Taonga Pūoro and shared some resources and examples of music made with Maori musical instruments. They also offered the group the opportunity to explore the Taonga Pūoro they had brought along.

ARG members had been encouraged to bring along a few instruments for improvisation (Māori or non-Māori), as well as something ‘found’ from our natural environments. These could be anything from shells, sticks, stones, leaves, feathers – basically anything we could create a sound with.  We used these instruments to engage in some group improvisations on a range of themes and with May, Libby and Olly’s support, together explored improvising in a style that fits well with Tikanga Māori.  We were all grateful to these members for sharing their learning with us!

Jen RyckaertARG