AMTA Conference 2018 Call for AbstractsPosted on: Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Australian Music Therapy Association Conference 2018 unnamed

Sydney 14-16 September 2018

Call for Abstracts (closing 15th May)
This year’s theme is: ‘Music Therapy the chameleon: exploring the diversity, scope and balance of adaption’.

As music therapists, we are constantly adapting to a variety of landscapes, cultures, roles, people and politics. We adapt our approaches, technology, theories and research. We adapt to meet client needs, establish and maintain employment, and expand body of evidence. Such capacity for adaption has facilitated growth and development of our profession. It has also generated enormous diversity that is unique to music therapy.

At this conference, we invite you to explore the facilitators, barriers, successes, challenges, benefits and concerns of our adaptability, including:

1. Adapting to landscapes (professional roles, people, politics and current trends)
2. Adapting to culture
3. Adapting resources and therapeutic tools for clinical practice
4. Striving for balance

For any program enquiries, please contact the AMTA scientific chair, Alison Stewart: