A Tribute to Linda WilsonPosted on: Friday, 15 December 2017

From Daphne Rickson, Senior Lecturer in the Master of Music Therapy program at TeKōkī New Zealand School of Music (NZSM), Victoria University of Wellington.

Sadly, Linda Wilson died in June 2017.  Linda was a strong advocate for music therapy, and was dedicated to promoting the profession before, during, and after her time on Council.  She was a national and international leader in the occupational therapy field, having worked hospitals before expanding her career to include consultancy, contract work, teaching, and research.  Linda was the first member of the OT professional association, one of the first Occupational Therapists in New Zealand to gain a PhD, won OT’s Francis Rutherford Lecture award in 1996 and a Fulbright in 2009.  She set up the OT training programme in Dunedin in 1990, and continued to support its development from a bachelor’s programme to honours, PG Dip, and Masters. Linda was very willing to lend her expertise in the development of new professions, especially in strategic planning, to Music Therapy New Zealand. We were extremely grateful for the time, expertise, and extremely hard work she offered while on council, and for her subsequent ongoing support.

I offer my sincere sympathies to Linda’s family, and to the Occupational and Music Therapy communities.